Digging in the Dirt 1, PREORDER Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print

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Digging in the Dirt 1, PREORDER Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print


Digging in the Dirt 1, 2017

Oil, clay, acrylic and letterpress on paper

12 X 15 in (painting), 8 X 10 in (print)



This October a series of angry wildfires ravaged my beloved North Bay community, taking the homes and businesses of many and burning down the region's lovely forests, parks and wildlands where I grew up.

Glued to Facebook and Twitter I awaited news about my childhood home and family business in Calistoga, which was under a mandatory evacuation order for nearly one week. I was moved by the stories I read and heard about families across the area returning home to nothing but scorched, toxic dirt, and sifting through the ashes in search of precious items, like wedding rings.

I misplaced this painting over the period while I was making it, then found it suddenly and was able to complete it as an homage to the very personal recovery process of digging in the dirt in search of what's been lost, and possibly finding it.

Available for PREORDER through November, 2017: prints will ship in December, 2017. 

Your donation will directly support those who lost their homes in the Northern California wildfires of October, 2017, via:

  • Napa Valley Community Foundation
  • Redwood Credit Union North Bay Relief Fund

Follow @mmaannkkiinndd for updates on funds raised.